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I agree with what you and everyone else is saying in some respect... but at
what point does it just become too much? I'm as much of an OSS GPL Militiant
as the next guy (Just a fun term, meant nothing by it, I am one) But... the
reality is... most users install it. If only for the sake that a company
they know and *stupidly* trust made it. Even I did that when I switched.
First thing I saw on the forums. Oh boy! ATI makes drivers for Linux? Now
I'm set! Most users just jumping ship are like that. And we know that.
Ubuntu is not only about freedom, but making you feel comfortable... If it
means including one of the top modifications by default.. is that *really*
so bad? I don't agree with the practices of ATI or nVidia... by any means, I
don't. But, who are we to say no Mr. 60% of people switching (Made that
figure up for people who will use binary drivers), you have to install fglrx
or nvidia glx yourself. Because we're to set in our ways (the right ways!)
to include them for you. I ask you this... who does it hurt? Really. You'll
say it will eventually cause reliance on them. The spite will eventually
turn to acceptance of them even from people like us... I agree that's bad...
So get your arses over to the Open Source drivers dev team and make them
better, or don't bother complaining. I say if it means saving a newb 3 days
of trying to get things working, by having it packaged, and ready to go,
with the general support install time programs receive, I ask you all, where
is the harm, in saving a new user a little time. And, in the ned yourselves
time answering questions on the forums. I wont a tick box for fglrx, or
nvidia is a good thing... and if anything it's a bad in the long term. But,
what are we here for but to create the best damned OS for all the computer
users there are. I say let the bad come if it attracts that many users,
which will be quickly educated about the evils of the binary drivers there
came here for. Think of it as a manor of tough education. Give them what
they want, and teach them why it's wrong.

On 11/24/06, Shark Muddleworth <shark.muddleworth at> wrote:
> Canonical's recent decision to include proprietary GPL violating
> drivers in the default install, circumventing the copyright framework
> clearly articulated in the GPL has sent shockwaves through the
> community. If you are an ubuntu developer who is concerned about the
> long term consequences of this fact, you may be interested in opensuse
> We would be happy to help people who want to join the openSUSE
> community - in any capacity, including developers and package
> maintainers. If you want to find out how openSUSE works you can
> communicate with the community (see
> A special introductory session is
> being organised for mid December, watch this space.
> openSUSE is structured to empower our community to get things done,
> and to maximise the opportunity for collaboration between teams that
> share a common vision. Such tools as the openSUSE build service
> ( help empower our community.
> If you have an interest in being part of a vibrant community that
> cares about keeping free software widely available and protecting the
> rights of people to get it free of charge, free to modify, free of GPL
> violations, and focussing on creating the most usable Free software
> desktop, then please do join us.
> I know that posting this message to an ubuntu list will be
> trolling^WControversial. I'm greatly respectful of the long tradition
> of excellence in the Ubuntu product and community and have no desire
> to undermine that with this post. That said, I think the position
> taken by Ubuntu leadership in their inclusion of non-gpled kernel
> modules linked to the GPLed kernel is disrespectful of the
> contributions of thousands of GPL kernel programmers and contributors
> to Ubuntu, and I know that many are looking for a new place to get
> involved that is not subject to the same arbitrary executive
> intervention. openSUSE is one option, as are Fedora, gnewsense other
> communities. Please accept this mail in that spirit.
> Some openSUSE members
> _
> Disclaimer:
> Response to,
> intended to highlight the inappropriateness of the original mail.
> Although based on facts, the above content is intended satirical and
> not to attack ubuntu or offend.
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