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Mark Reitblatt Mark at
Sun Nov 26 05:26:59 GMT 2006

On 11/25/06, Tim Schmidt <timschmidt at> wrote:
> Seriously now...  nv works amazingly well for every use but 'bling'.
> Nvidia's binary driver is literally _NEVER_ required to install the
> OS.

That's not entirely accurate. Ubuntu WOULD NOT use my 2007FP
(1600x1200) at its native resolution w/ the nv driver. I installed the
binary driver, and all of a sudden it worked, like magic. The driver
incorrectly reported the resolution of the screen, so Xorg wouldn't
accept 1600x1200 even if I made it the only option.

I've been meaning to file a bug against it, and you just reminded me.
No, running a 1600x1200 LCD @ 1280x1024 is not an acceptable solution.
Sure I could install it, but I would NEED to install the binary
drivers immediately afterwards to get a reasonable level of usability.
If I was a newb who didn't know about the binary drivers, I would've
walked away right then and there.

> Re-read that page with a little respect for the people who have
> put years of hard work into this software.

Pointing out that a piece of software isn't perfect isn't a sign of
disrespect. In fact, it can be construed (in the right context) as a
sign of respect. Your software doesn't work right, but I have enough
respect for your abilities to file a bug and expect you to be able to
fix it.

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