install ubuntu 6.10 from windows:give your 5$

Jordi Massaguer jordimassaguerpla at
Sat Nov 25 16:44:12 GMT 2006

Dear ubuntu devels,

I've just received an email, as a reply to my last post about looking for donations in order to fund instlux-ubuntu, telling me this is not the place where to post such a request. (I am attaching here the response in an anonymous way as it was a private message):

>> just to remind you that the "donations request" will be closing December 1st at 00:00, and to thank
>> people who has already donate. Contribute with your 5$ to make installing ubuntu from windows
>> easier at

>This is really unwelcome, and has no place on the Ubuntu devel mailing list.

I understand this point of view, as ubuntu devel is for discussions about the development of Ubuntu not for asking for money. I apologize if I have offended anyone with the post. 

Instlux, a part from being an open source project and a project that makes it easy to install Ubuntu, it is also the proposed implementation of two feature requests [1][2] that have been discussed at this list, as it should be.

As I was trying to reach people who is really interested on the project, I send the "donation request" to the list, in order to look for those funds, but also in order to make people know about that, as I wanted to be transparent and I also wanted to know what the comunity thinks about that initiative.

That said, it will be great to know where I should have sent that message instead, so interested people could be reached, as well as your ideas of how a small project like this can be fund.





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