Suggestion : Graphical Grub

Alien Technology French at
Sat Nov 25 07:49:58 GMT 2006

I have to be more precise in my suggestion : what I meaned is to keep 
the white text and only add a background.
If we keep a 480x640 xpm.gz picture with maximum 14 colors in /boot/grub 
and adding a line like splashimage (hd0,X) /boot/grub in menu list I 
dont unterstand how to break something at boot.
VGA drivers are always supported by all graphic cards before loading the 
usual xorg driver.

But if it is can get in trouble on boot it is not a good idea. My 
suggestion was only to have a first contact with ubuntu in dualboot that 
will be nicer that the old fashion no-splash text.
The distro is already nice-looking so a little much more is better : the 
goal is to have the best distro ever seen ;-)

George Farris a écrit :
> On Fri, 2006-24-11 at 19:06 +0200, Karoliina Salminen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We had some problems in some old Suse with this with Dialogue flybook
>> and some additional hacking was required to get over it (after
>> graphical grub it just happened to hang and exactly the same repeated
>> on the next Suse and installation was pain again).
>> Text mode doesn't break anything and works fine. Looks indeed ugly but works.
> It occurs to me that we did stuff like this a decade ago in DOS and it
> worked great.  Interesting that we can't duplicate that.  Maybe Grub
> needs to be based on freedos:-)

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