Accepted foo2zjs 20060625dfsg-2ubuntu1 (source)

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at
Wed Nov 22 14:02:58 GMT 2006

I have done the changes and announced the new version in the bug report:

Scott James Remnant wrote:
> The rename is necessary, yes.

Rename is done, my new file has number 85 now, and the deprecated/broken 
upstream file installed with number 11 by "make install" is deleted now.

> Also note the following changes to the
> rules file:
>  - BUS=="usb" is deprecated, this should be SUBSYSTEMS=="usb"


>  - NAME="usb/%k" conflicts with a default rule, please remove this.
>  - MODE="0666" conflicts with a default rule (and is utterly bogus!),
>    please remove this.

These two were already fixed in my first UDEV rules file which I have 
taken from Mandriva 2007 (debian/11-hplj10xx.rules in 2ubuntu1), as the 
conflicts broke on Mandriva already. I will report these to the upstream 


P. S.: Can someone with upload access upload this version also to 
Feisty, so that the fixes get available there, too.

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