Problem with LCD

Bjoern Ottervik nolimitsoya at
Mon Nov 20 17:14:51 GMT 2006

Add the resolutions you want to /etc/X11/xorg.conf. The problem here 
seems to me be with DDC and DVI-D...

/Björn Ottervik

Frouin Jean-Michel wrote:
> Selon Ben Collins <ben.collins at>:
>> What video card is he using? If it's nvidia or ati, then he may need to
>> use the nvidia or fglrx proprietary drivers from the
>> linux-restricted-modules packages (and load the nvidia-glx or fglrx Xorg
>> packages).
> With proprietary drivers he has got the good resolution but he cannot get the 3D
> acceleration.
> With ubuntu driver + firmware he can get 3D accel but not the good resolution :D
> Any ideas ?
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> Frouin Jean-Michel
> Snoogie at
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