Thoughts on WLAN under Ubuntu

Nils elitepenguin at
Tue Nov 21 16:43:21 GMT 2006

Hi all,

I got wlan at home working (linksys ap with wpa2 personal and hidden
ssid), which took me more then one hour! First I was confused about
psk until I figured out that there is an extra programm to create the
psk, then i had to figure out that i have to use ap_scan=2 (basically
try and error), etc

To compare on macosx and win it took like 10 seconds.  I also wonder
how a non technical person (like my parents or so) are supposed to get
this working..

For further ubuntu releases I suggest to work on wpa_gui (or even
create a nework center as under vista) and include this by default.

I also noticed that under osx then only thing you have to do is enter
the ssid and the passphrase. OSX takes care of everything else!

I included the config below [1], it work with a recent linksys access
point with wpa2 and ssid not broadcasted.

Regards Nils

[1] wpa_supplicant.conf



        psk=<use wpa_passphrase here>

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