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Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Tue Nov 21 09:17:22 GMT 2006

Trent Lloyd <lathiat at> wrote:
> Are you using feisty? This is only available in feisty and has been
> installable from the word go for me.

Oops... does it show how stupid I feel... been testing Ubuntu for 2
years non stop, how can such a thing happen to me... I must be losing
it already, pretty sad given my young age ;-)

That will teach me for having 3 copies of Ubuntu constantly occupying my
computer. At any given time, I always have stable for day to day work,
and two copies of the development version. One in VMware, and the other
one running natively, on a spare hard drive. The VMware copy I had
switched to Feisty (but I didn't even look for desktop-effects there,
since VMware doesn't support 3D stuff), but somehow the one on the hard
drive was still on the Edgy repos, oops...
400 updates and 200MB later, it's now on Feisty.

Well, I used that applet to switch the 3D effects, but it's a disaster,
mega huge bugs make it completely unusable, critical show-stopper kind
of bugs. I couldn't even get enough  control on the system to turn the
effect off (system would not obey the mouse properly), had to restart X
using the keyboard, and now it doesn't want to log-in anymore... 

So I am not convinced it's mature enough for default
inclusion in Feisty ! ;-)

That's strange because the other day I tried Beryl (since I gathered
that's what would land in Feisty, not compiz), and although it also had
a very show stoppers, it felt overall a lot more mature.


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