Bug feature request vs spec

Sivan Greenberg sivan at ubuntu.com
Thu Nov 16 19:55:48 GMT 2006

Hi Steven!

Steven Harms wrote:
> Can someone, hopefully who is an established community member who is 
> involved with actually creating said policy, provide a specific 
> definition of when it is appropriate for someone to create a spec and 
> when a bug feature request should be filed?
Let's examine the set of conditions I have in mind:

1) Centric or local to Ubuntu and likely to involve more then one person 
deciding and/or working on it.
2) Considered to be a substantial amount of work , or have broad 
implications on the system, user base and development community.
3) Requires broad discussions that is out of scope for bug reports or 
mailing list.

I usually turn out to start a specification if either (1) or (2) are 
true, and (3) always is for any of my proposals/ideas. Keep in mind also 
that a specification is not only to propose and work out an idea, but 
also to serve as preliminary documentation for folks interested to 
understand the rationale for something that has changed or might be 
interested to continue or help the work.


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