Prototype for the time machine similar solution as you noted in h-u-b whiteboard.

Sivan Greenberg sivan at
Thu Nov 16 12:46:36 GMT 2006

Sebastian Heinlein wrote:
> step. At first we need a robust and easy to use backup tool. I think a 
> reuse or
> cooperation with arnie [1] could be a good chance to this in the feisty time
> frame. If this tool works, we could think about backing up not the real data,
> but from a LVM snapshot device.

I am going to upload a working version including restore functionality 
of hubackup soon enough to feisty, and we could certainly use it already 
to allow users to backup from the snapshot LV. True, hubackup doesn't 
yet support back-ups to network targets, and we're still in short of a 
working default set up of LVM in Ubuntu. Regardless it would be 
interesting to explore how we can use arnie as a back-end for storing 
backup to network locations in hubackup.

> The transparent backup functionality is a little bit different. The main focus
> is on providing a system wide version control system and not backing up. I
> haven't taken a look at Roberts prototye, but an easy way to do this could be
> to create a /Backup folder or a different parition/device and use hard 
> links to create an easy to access representation of older states in the file system:

Feels to me like duplicating what LVM can do already in a tested manner 
- if we were already going to GUI wrap the LVM tools or to combine 
between another set of UI and back end tools, we might as well add UI 
functionality to initialize an external device (USB disk or whatever) to 
act as a snapshot volume, as I also believe using an /external/ device 
to store the snapshots will provide better recoverability.


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