Plaese backport mono 1.2 to Edgy

Florian Hackenberger f.hackenberger at
Thu Nov 16 08:11:37 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 14 November 2006 17:11, George Farris wrote:
> > > Mono 1.2 has been released [1] and has some nice new feautures like
> > > windows forms and lower memory/cpu consumation. However if you have
> > > Edgy, it's quite hard to install (I guess you have to compile a lot).
> > > So it would be nice to have a backport.
Please note that it has a nasty bug too, which breaks beagle (to a certain 
degree at least):

Before (if at all) backporting mono 1.2 to edgy, we should check that this bug 
has been solved.


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