An Idea for an easier Install

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Wed Nov 15 07:30:13 GMT 2006

Please, give a try to instlux ( There is an Ubuntu from network installer. It runs on windows, without configuring the BIOS at all, and starts a network installations, that is, getting the packages from the network. You do not have to burn any CD, either! 

Moreovers, it is translated to german (and to 19 other languages) and it is only about 6 MB.



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Hello everyone,

first of all: Im not a native speaker, I'm german, so please pardon my
bad grammar. :-)

Today I installed ubuntu and while waiting for the installation I had an
idea, I would like to share with you.

Debian has a nice small net-install image (Just 60M AFAIR).
I thought of a net-install-ubuntu-CD.
And with this CD you could create a link to k/x/ed/server-/ubuntu.

I imagine a Install like this:
- select language
- select which k/x/ed/server-/ ubuntu you want to have
- (Maybe also select the version... Dapper or Edgy)
- with this information the installer creates a sources.list
- connect to the I-Net
- get all basic-packages
- install the meta-packet for the Desktop (or not, if server is
- than go on with the "normal" things, like username, password, time and
so on

The only problem I discovered, is that the ubuntu-install should not

Where can I find information about the whole install-process behind the

please let me know, what you think about my idea.


    Markus Voelker

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