UDF Filesystem as replacement to FAT*, ISO9660, and other Filesystems.

Scott J. Henson scotth at csee.wvu.edu
Sun Nov 12 23:42:56 GMT 2006

Toby Smithe wrote:
> You need to:
> a) Write a spec. It's pretty much too late for Feisty.
It doesn't seem like it would take all that much work to do
this.  Just figure out which tools are used by the user to
create filesystems on external devices and make udf an option.

> b) Here and in that spec, tell us the benefits udf has over, say, ext3.
Native read/write support on all operating systems.  I don't
think he is suggesting that udf replace ext3, he is saying
udf should replace vfat.  Not sure what the benifits are of
udf over vfat.

Scott Henson
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