Casper documentation, and building LiveCD:s

Bjoern Ottervik bjorn.ottervik at
Sun Nov 12 17:25:13 GMT 2006

I'm not sure if this is the place for such a question, but I've been 
trying to build a custom Ubuntu live CD from scratch, and finding 
documentation on Casper (manpages, wikientries etc) or live CD building 
in general has been sort of difficult.
There are entries in the wikis for editing the existing live CD:s, but 
stripping these of all the packages i don't want by hand is tons of work 
and simply not practical for someone looking to build an Ubuntu CD imho.

I'd like to have some sort of tool to create a live system identical to 
the installed system on a machines harddrive, or a guide in the wiki for 
creating a live CD from scratch, together with manpages or other 
documentation for Casper and the tools involved in the process.

As an (possibly preferred?) alternative, perhaps is could be a good idea 
to have a live CD on the FTP mirrors, equivalent of an Ubuntu CLI 
install, for users to use with 210MB CD:s and a casper-rw USB pendrive.

I myself don't seem to have the knowledge to make this happen though...

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