Beagle badness

Jamie McCracken jamiemcc at
Fri Nov 10 13:18:12 GMT 2006

George Farris wrote:
> Are there plans to still use Beagle for Feisty?  Everyone I've ever
> talked to using both Dapper and Edgy has had the 100% percent cpu issue
> with Beagle.  I usually tell them to delete the ~/.beagle directory and
> start new but eventually it happens again.  The search technology is a
> great idea, unfortunately Beagle seems to have a major bug or design
> flaw.

IMO the big design flaw of Beagle is its written in Mono which whilst 
its okay for desktop apps is not really suitable for a daemon especially 
one that is cpu intensive and memory intensive like an indexer.

I would recommend trying out tracker which is written in C and exhibits 
none of these issues (debs for edgy at

In general, we are a lot more stable (we only use stable technologies), 
considerably faster indexing (especailly when run with --turbo) and has 
tiny memory usage when compared to Beagle.

tracker is a very well behaved daemon which runs as smooth as a baby's 
bottom and is designed to be exceptionally robust even when indexing 
corrupted files or dodgy stuff.

Mr Jamie McCracken

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