Avoid locking the screen on public computer

Xavier Claessens xclaesse at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 20:49:02 GMT 2006

hi, I'm managing public computer at university running ubuntu dapper. We
have a problem: users lock their screen and never come back letting the
computer unusable for other people. Some users also get confused by the
"switch user" option which lock the screen and starts a new gdm which
isn't what want.

I'm currently working on a patch to remove all possibilities in the
gnome-session gui (11_session_dialog.patch from gnome-session) to let
the user only logout/reboot/halt the computer (no more hibernate,
lockscreen, etc).

I think this kind of work is needed by every one managing public
computers ans so should be an option somewhere. If needed I can try to
make a cleaner patch to add an option like "public_computer=true/false"
in a gconf key (or GDM option ?) and propose it to be included in
ubuntu ?

If nobody cares I just make my own gnome-session package and use it for
me, but I think that's the kind of thing that is needed by many ubuntu

Xavier Claessens.
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