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Thu Nov 9 15:12:20 GMT 2006

A nice way to do this could be, to have some special url scheme,
like apt:// which trigger synaptic when clicked (and maybe even adding
repository in source.list when needed).

Just my 2 cents thought.

On 10/16/06, Nelson Alvarez <alvareznelson at> wrote:
> A very, very humble suggestion.
> I know nothing about programming. I am just a new Ubuntu user trying to
> figure out the Linux world.
> Coming from Windows, the most shocking ferature of Linux distros was the
> impossibility to install and uninstall programs the one-click easy way. Of
> course, once I learned how Synaptic works, I quickly understood the
> superiority of this way of doing things. But my first reaction when I needed
> a program, such as RealPlayer, for instance, was to download it from its
> website. I downloaded a  tar.gz file to my desktop, clicked on it, and went
> nuts when nothing happened. I overcame that. I'm a happy Ubuntu user now.
> But, even so, wouldn't many new Linux users feel more compelled to pursue in
> their discovering of Ubuntu if it could deal with those packages more
> efficiently? Will Canonical promote a standard way to deal with installing
> and uninstalling programs in the Linux world? That WOULD be Good-bye
> Windows, in my opinion. Thanks.
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