AJAX in Ubuntu Integration.

Sebastian Heinlein glatzor at ubuntu.com
Wed Nov 8 05:38:59 GMT 2006

Am Mittwoch, den 08.11.2006, 12:51 +0800 schrieb Joel Bryan Juliano:
> With Ubuntu's Telepathy integration, what about using AJAX, in helping
> to integrate ubuntu's services like help and support, Telepathy (using
> loudmouth), translations, bugs, start page, welcome-center and  also
> applications like G-A-I where application descriptions will look nice
> with AJAX. With ZK, an open source AJAX framework, and probably
> gtkmozembed or gtkhtml, AJAX in Desktop have alot of nice and exciting
> use. 

What are the benefits? A technic or feature should not be implmeneted
because of its own sake. The question should be: what do miss and what
do you want to be implemented in detail? You should chose the technic

I think that we improved the application descriptions in edgy's g-a-i a
lot. Furthermore the python bindings of gtkmozembed are broken and I am
not sure if gtkhtml even supports JavaScript - we switched from gtkhtml
to a textview. What do you miss in the description view?

By the way how could Telepathy be improved by using AJAX? Won't
telepathy replace loudmouth?

Another problem of AJAX could be the accessibility. As as I know there
is no support.


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