Major bug in Edgy: GTK/Gnome bindings for java are not functional

Samir van de Sand samir.vds at
Sat Nov 4 15:15:43 GMT 2006


while I was trying to build a java application which uses gtk-java
bindings, I discovered  a bug, that the gtk/gnome bindings for java
are not working.
Ubuntu Edgy ships with inconsistent package versions of the java-gnome
package. This is a major bug and needs to be fixed. It can be resolved
by upgrading the packages to the following versions:
    * glib-java 0.4.0
    * cairo-java 1.0.6
    * libgtk-java 2.10.0
    * libgnome-java 2.12.6
    * libglade-java 2.12.7
    * libgconf-java 2.12.5
    * libvte-java 0.12

Also checkout the bug report:

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