Announcing the ubuntu-directory team

Edward Murrell edward at
Wed Nov 1 02:11:01 GMT 2006

If for one thing for me, it would be Kerberos support (which means
strong encryption and single sign on). I have an OpenLDAP + Samba set up
here where we have both Windows and Linux clients, and having two sets
of passwords is annoying.

Plus, there's using DNS instead of that WINS thing, and two way trust
relationships (again, Kerberos I think).

However, that said, the big guns need those policies. I've got eight
workstations here and a half a dozen servers and _I_ want that policy
control. The NT4 stuff allows me to have roaming profiles and
centralized passwords - and that's about it.


Andre Brioso wrote:
> Maybe I'm missing some point here, but for using ubuntu desktop  
> (Linux) you don't need AD and you also can authenticate Windows  
> Workstations on an OpenLDAP+Samba ( as a NT4 PDC).  You only need AD  
> if you must have Windows 2003 policies for those Workstations.
> Regards,
> André Brioso

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