Bug Contact Subscriptions in Malone

Adam Conrad adconrad at ubuntu.com
Fri Mar 31 02:52:28 BST 2006

Brad Bollenbach wrote:
> 3. Same as #1, except make the subscriptions "implicit" so that you
> don't really get Cc'd to each and every bug, but are instead shown as
> getting mail on this bug because you're a bug contact. This allows
> explicitly choosing to subscribe yourself to a bug, so that if you
> decide to no longer be a bug contact, you can remain subscribed, even if
> you're not the reporter.

I'm all about the implicit subscription.  The only addendum to that is
that the UI /must/ have some way of informing people that you are the
default contact, so that people don't go explicitly subscribing you to
bugs that you're already implicitly subscribed to, because they think
you might be interested, or need to know about it.

... Adam

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