file-roller missing menu item

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Wed Mar 29 09:43:23 BST 2006

Le mercredi 29 mars 2006 à 09:14 +0200, Chris Wilson a écrit :
> HI,
> I just noticed there is no menu item for file-roller or any type of
> archiving program. Was it a conscience decision to remove it or just
> forgotten?
> I wanted to take a peak into a OpenDocument file and had to start
> file-roller from the command line. I dare say not something a newbie
> would know or should have to do.
> Should I file this as a bug?


No, that's a part of the menus simplification:

The rationnal is that usually you use it on files from the file-manager,
you don't start it from the menu. You can use the menu editor (right
click on the panel menu labels by example) if you want to list it


Sebastien Bacher

PS: please open a bug when you are not sure next time, better to create
noise on the bug tracker than on that list

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