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also sprach Arwyn Hainsworth <arwyn at> [2006.03.22.2214 +0100]:
> Users need to know how to _do_ things, not how they work.

This may be the ideal; however, I actually have a different opinion.
I think that most of the problems we have wrt Phishing etc. these
days come from the fact that users just do things, and don't
question or even try to understand how they work.

> As far as users are concerned even the most complex task should be
> a simple set of buttons to press to get what he (or she) wants
> working. 

Mh, we could argue this at great length, but I suppose it's

Anyway, my position on this is that of a Debian lover; I don't
actually use Ubuntu, nor would I ever, since I am definitely not
that kind of "user". I appreciate Ubuntu's work and I am confident
enough in your achievements that I can hand out Ubuntu CDs to most
anyone [0].

   the paragraph starting with 'Anyway' ...

Just my two cents. Keep 'em or throw them into the next fountain. :)

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