Freeze? IPW2200

Darren Albers dalbers at
Thu Mar 23 13:21:42 GMT 2006

> I upgraded to the -19 kernel yesterday on my Thinkpad T42 and the ipw2200
> driver has had a glitch this evening.  Sequence of events was this:
>   - ifdown eth1 (this is the ipw2200 card)
>   - ifup eth0 (this is the ethernet card)
>   - swsusp and move locations
>   - ifup eth1
> The network was usable for about 30 to 60 seconds, then was inaccessible
> until I removed and reinserted ipw2200.ko.

My issues were resolved with the last nights udev update, you may want
to try that and see if it resolves your issue as well.

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