Misconfiguration of sudo is insecure (Was: Sudo even more secure)

Yuki Cuss celtic at sairyx.org
Thu Mar 23 10:56:39 GMT 2006

2006-03-22 (水) の 13:17 -0700 に Darren L さんは書きました:
> As always - I'd imagine that it was a conscious decision to have it
> set this way.  Security always flies in teh face of convenience, and
> since it's aimed at an average home user, I can see why the little
> extra step would be good to have, but would leave potential for a
> security breach. 
> There are always going to be holes -  my initial question about sudo
> was to find out whether the commands executed as root were logged or
> not.

I sent this to -devel too, but I feel it is important to say.

Please try `sudo -i'. You may find it is a more secure option.

 - Yuki.

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