Sudo even more secure

Joel Edwards joeledwards at
Wed Mar 22 18:01:08 GMT 2006

Unfortunately, it is easy to forget that you are the root user, since it is
still using your .bashrc file. 'sudo su' works just as well, but it uses the
roots actual .bashrc

Is it just me, or does sudo -s seem like a security problem for forgetful
people (like myself).

On 3/22/06, Étienne Bersac <bersace03 at> wrote:
> Hello
> > There was a mention on slashdot a couple days ago talking about how
> > "sudo -s" doesn't get logged at all and provides you with a nice
> > root shell on OSX.
> >
> > Anyone here able to take a few minutes and check how this functions
> > under ubuntu?
> I often use this feature. It's quite like type su and the root
> password under debian. But there you type your own password.
> Étienne.
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