Custom web browser protocol to install from apt-get

Bart Vullings (Windkracht8) bartv at
Tue Mar 21 20:52:36 GMT 2006

I'm agreeing with Jamie here, I know to many people just clicking "ok". 
When you add this, you take away the nice thing about Linux, which is 
users not installing malware.

So, killer idea, but the people who got problems with synaptic should, 
most proberly, not be allowed to install software. Those who should be 
allowed to install software, should not trust a website to do this.

Bart Vullings.

Tristan Wibberley wrote:

> Crossposted to sounder again, please reply there.
> Jamie Jones wrote:
>> On Mon, 2006-03-20 at 09:59 +0000, Who wrote:
>>> On 3/19/06, Jason Taylor <killerkiwi2005 at> wrote:
>>>> As a bonus maybe also apt-get-add-repo://
>>>> Another use, the applications web site could actully give a link for
>>>> installing the application instead of a "avalible in dapper repo"
>>>> Anybody else think this would be usefull, users would never have to
>>>> drop to command line you could have links on the howto page
>>>> instead.....
>>> I think this would make a _world_ of difference to many Windows users
>>> who are _used_ to downloading programs from internet sites, and who
>>> don't really get the whole repository idea!
>> I don't think it is such a good idea myself. This has a fantastic
>> potential for installing rootkits and other malware on an ubuntu system.
>> It takes all of 10 seconds to make a .deb that will erase your entire
>> system as soon as it is installed. It also opens up the real possibility
>> of linux based viruses to have an environment to thrive in, because when
>> installing these applications, it is installed with root privileges.
> I think adding repositories could be a dangerous thing, but when faced 
> with a deb, some users would just install it. A link that only 
> installs from the preconfigured repositories would be a sure winner 
> though, what would you say to that (I've made it work - even with 
> data: urls from xchat after some hacking about).
> It still needs lots of work and a GUI, so this should go to sounder.

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