My dist-upgrade experience

Rocco Stanzione grasshopper at
Tue Mar 21 16:43:29 GMT 2006

The upgrade process itself appeared to go pretty well, and for the most part 
it did.  Most of the problems were with fglrx...

A dpkg-diversion prevented my xorg-driver-fglrx package from being uninstalled 
and therefore upgraded, so X of course wouldn't start until I manually 
corrected that.  That done, X would hang as soon as it started, which also 
hung kdm - kdm wouldn't stop properly, and that and X required kill -9's to 
kill for further troubleshooting.  I eventually suspected my X config might 
no longer be valid, so I dpkg-reconfigured xserver-xorg and selected the ati 
driver, with good results.  I couldn't find fglrxconfig, which had been good 
to me in the past, and was helpfully pointed to aticonfig on irc.  The 
xorg.conf it generated was substantially different (for my dual head config) 
than the one previously generated by fglrxconfig, and it worked nicely, which 
I think points to my xorg.conf having been invalid.  I can provide more 
details on this if anyone wants.

Now that I'm up, I have the same problem I had on a machine I dist-upgraded 
about 6 weeks ago: a borderless, transparent Eterm is my preferred terminal 
emulator, and in KDE I get:
Eterm:  Warning:  Window Manager does not support MWM hints.  Bypassing window 
manager control for borderless window.
On the previously dist-upgraded machine this resolved itself somehow.  I 
assumed something in kwin had been fixed.  I don't know for sure whether it's 
an Eterm issue or a kwin issue though, and the problem has resurfaced in this 
new dist-upgrade.  As far as I can tell it's the only remaining annoyance, 
leaving me pretty impressed overall with the dist-upgrade process and the 
current state of Dapper.

Rocco Stanzione
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