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Tue Mar 21 02:06:16 GMT 2006

I just took a look at the code and linked page too.

It doesn't quite look like even the developer is done with it.
"To be written ...

My apologies for not having got round to writing this yet, but in the
meantime a Google search yields some very good information (that's how I
started to make things work!), and I can thoroughly recommend the latest
version of Ubuntu Linux <>, which seems to handle
almost all of the special keyboard functionality from the off."

The "not yet implemented" functions are for the mail LED, the bluetooth
module, and something about reading from wlan.

IMHO, it needs to mature a bit :)

On 3/20/06, Josué Alcalde González <josuealcalde at> wrote:
> El mar, 21-03-2006 a las 00:33 +0100, javier escribió:
> > Hi
> >
> > Acer is becoming a quite popular manufacture for laptops, and looking at
> the
> > testing team, forums, etc I think many ubuntu users have this kind of
> > laptops. In my own opinion, they are becoming popular because (at least
> in my
> > country) they offer better hardware components (cpu, gpu, etc) for a
> more
> > reasonable price than other companies.
> >
> > Ubuntu support for this kind of laptops is completely driven by
> community
> > (i.e. cannonical doesn't supply any of their laptop testing team one of
> this
> > machines, as far as I'm aware). I'm also aware that acer gives hardware
> which
> > isn't "right", i.e.: somehow broken and always needs some kind of
> > tweaking/hacking.
> >
> > I've recently found this page:
> >
> > Which is a kernel module for adding some support for this laptops. I was
> > wondering if this module could be added to dapper+1 since I think it
> would
> > help having a better linux experience for acer users.
> >
> > Thanxs.
> >
> It is very easy to compile/install, but unfortunately it doesn't work
> for my Acer Travelmate 4001 WLMI.
> I take a look to the code and it seems there is a lot of "Sorry, not
> implemented" messages. It needs more work.
> The worst problem with Acer laptops was the Smart Battery, but the new
> kernel in dapper, support it without patching the DSDT.
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