post-install media formats wizard

John Nilsson john at
Mon Mar 20 21:29:39 GMT 2006

On Mon, 2006-03-20 at 12:59 -0800, Dane Mutters wrote:
> I think it's much better to let the individual decide what 
> to do, but help them to at least know that in some countries ("check your 
> local laws") it may be illegal.

The wording and timing of this text might be sensitive. I can imagine a
new user not reading to carefully and not to knowledgeable with IP-laws
just deciding that Ubuntu is illegal or that it's a pirated copy, or
something along those lines.

Also, with just a reference to "check your locals laws" they might think
that its probably illegal and they wouldn't know how to "check local
laws" any way.


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