post-install media formats wizard

Santiago Roza santiago.roza at
Mon Mar 20 20:00:11 GMT 2006

On 3/20/06, Therrol Jezierski <therrol at> wrote:

> well, I guess at this point we have to decide what is more important.
> Trusting out users or stoping illegal activities.

now "stopping illegal activities" is one of our obligations?  since
when we became "team ubuntu: world patent police"?

people here have already stated powerful reasons *not* to guess the
suitability of the multimedia assistant directly, so i'd like to sum
them up and add a few more:
- laws change, so we can't have the assistant hardcoded to a country
list (which will become outdated).
- people travel to another countries, so we shouldn't forbid them to
re-run the assistant just because they installed ubuntu in a
patent-encumbered country.
- guessing the patent status from the country depends on the
installer, so the code wouldn't be portable to another distributions.
- and last but not least... ok we're not supposed to encourage illegal
activities, but afaik we're not the ones responsible for police-like
surveillance and control.

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