Custom web browser protocol to install from apt-get

martin f krafft madduck at
Sun Mar 19 11:39:28 GMT 2006

also sprach Jason Taylor <killerkiwi2005 at> [2006.03.19.1158 +0100]:
> I was thinking a similar thing for apt-get would be cool, so in
> a web page you could have a link to apt-get-install://banshee and
> that would trigger asking for the sudo password and then install
> from the existing repo list, could even ui it by tying into
> synaptic so you get a pretty progress bar.
> As a bonus maybe also apt-get-add-repo://

One thing I appreciate about Debian-derived distributions is that
they don't try to do too much magic.

> Anybody else think this would be usefull, users would never have
> to drop to command line you could have links on the howto page
> instead.....

I suppose it depends on the target audience. If Ubuntu users must be
shielded from the real work, then it's certainly a worthwhile idea.

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