How do I fork Ubuntu?

Krzysztof Lichota krzysiek at
Sun Mar 19 11:37:34 GMT 2006

Matthew Palmer napisał(a):
> On Sun, Mar 19, 2006 at 01:57:21AM +0100, Jon Kristensen wrote:
>> I want to apologize if this is a subject that does not belong on this
>> list, and I hope that I wont offend anyone by asking this question: If I
>> would want to fork Ubuntu, how would I go around doing that,
>> technically? Is there a set of files that builds Ubuntu, for example?
> That's a pretty big question -- sort of like "If I want to build an
> aeroplane, how would I go around doing that, technically?"
> There's a fairly long document about various aspects of changing the install
> CD's behaviour at, but I
> don't know exactly how comprehensive it is.  It'll give you a good start,
> though, and a much better idea of what's what when you next need to ask
> questions here.

You might want to see links below to know what kind of derivative
distribution you want:

As for creating install CDs, you can use the link above for customizing.
If you want to build CDs from scratch, according to my digging in
wikis/web/e-mails it should be possible. The code is available and needs
a lot of tweaking (contact me if you need details):

Beware that this script requires downloading _several gigabytes_ of
.debs from mirror, so if you have weak connection or no disk space,
you'd better go with live cd or install CD customization.

As for live cd, the script to create it from scratch is not available
(at least nobody answered my question about it and I couldn't find it on
web). You can use live cd customization
(, but the description
is a bit outdated, as currently SquashFS is used instead of cloop.

Disclaimer: I am not working on install/live CD building, I am just a
user :)


	Krzysztof Lichota

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