post-install media formats wizard

Aigars Mahinovs aigarius at
Sun Mar 19 10:08:40 GMT 2006

On 3/19/06, Therrol Jezierski <therrol at> wrote:
> yeah, if people are given the option of "is it legal to do this..." they are
> alot more likely to break copyright law. How hard would it be just to get
> the installer to look up what country you entered during the install wizard?

People could have acquired the legal rights by other means and now
only need a simple way for their Ubuntu system to comply. Also the
computer could be a traveling notebook which is in one country now,
but in another tomorrow.

Ultimately we must trust our users to do the right thing and only use
this option if they believe they have the right to, otherwise there is
really no sense to it.

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