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Sebastian Heinlein liste at
Sat Mar 18 09:31:07 GMT 2006


I am currently working on update-manager, especially the Software
Properties Dialog. Since I missed feature freeze, I would like to
propose the inclusion of my efforts if the dapper release delays.

You can see a screencast of the corresponding features here:

My branch currently includes the following working new features:

* Child channels that use the components of the parent (eg. 
  dapper-security, dapper-updates, dapper-backports)
  See for details
* Therefor automatic security updates for newly added Ubuntu components
* Instant apply and a 'revert' button for changes on the sources.list
* Drag'and'Drop and MimeType handling for sources.list files:
  You can drop a sources.list file on the channel list or double click
  on it. S-P shows a dialog with the included channels of the file
  that provides an "add" button
* Sorting of the shown channels in the following order:
   - Ubuntu channels
   - channels with templates (Debian, third-party-channels could be 
   - channels with comments
   - other channels
  Separators could be added.
* Disable/enable channels
* Clearer separation of the dialogs add and edit channel - we have got
  many complains about this issue in launchpad
* Special edit dialog for channels with templates (at the moment Ubuntu 
  and Debian channels)
* Therefor easy way to add and remove components of Ubuntu channels
  in the edit dialog
* Double click on a channel opens the edit dialog
* Only one 'add channel' dialog for Ubuntu and custom channels
* Sanity checks for custom channels - only allow to add well  
  formatted apt lines
* Use the mirror for newly added Ubuntu channels
  (the channel can be switched to the default server in the edit dialog

Things that need to be done:

* Reselect the channel in the list after editing
* Parse the channel specs for third-party-channels of
  gnome-app-install - at the moment you have to drop a file to /usr/share/update-manager/channel
* And naturally a wider testing...

My bzr branch:



(glatzor on IRC)

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