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Dane Mutters dmutters at
Fri Mar 17 20:19:24 GMT 2006

On Friday 17 March 2006 11:19 am, you wrote:
> Hi Dane,
> If you hear anything on the specification/development of a "restricted
> formats assitant", please let me know.
> I would like to help on this, perhaps help to develop it, but there
> seems to be no centralized movement.  

	If I knew more about software development, I could help you out in that area, 
but unfortunately, I'm really a novice. :-(

> The fellow that wrote up those 
> three wiki pages doesn't seem open to the ideas that others have.  We
> need to consider the possibility of a post-install assitant AND the
> possibility of an on-demand assistant (presented when the user tries to
> play restricted format X).  I think the latter is more likely to be
> approved, as a specification.
> Also, you should be aware of this spec:

	Nice spec.  I suspect that Mr. Roza will be open to some ideas if you send 
them his way.

> Thanks,
> Chris Wagner


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