Flight 5 installation feedback

Obi Bok obibok at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 07:48:21 GMT 2006

Hello fellow Linux hobbyists. I want to suggest a few tiny changes to the 
installation process of Ubuntu. Note that these are not critical for the 
correct functionality of the installer.

1. The installer stops at 61% to ask for X resolution. I assume this is done 
while Xorg packages are being installed. I suggest changing the sequence of 
installed packages in such way so that all configuration questions are asked 
at the beginning of the installation. The remainder of the installation 
should be carried out without any interruption requiring user intervention.

2. In the final installation stages users are asked to install a boot loader. 
I suggest adding a "Skip" button which omits that step. I do realize that 
this is currently possible by specifying a "blank" device to install onto but 
this produces a scary red "Fatal error". Then, users get kicked back to the 
main installation menu where they need to manually find and select "Continue 
without boot loader". This could be a bit confusing, even for more advanced 

3. I don't think that the CD/DVD should be ejected automatically upon 
successful installation. Instead, an "Eject disc" option should be first 
offered asking users to remove the medium. Then, a "Reboot" button should be 
available. I know this may sound like unnecessary steps but (A) it gives 
users complete control over their systems; (B) some users have computer cases 
with doors which they may close after inserting the CD/DVD; (C) your pet may 
freak out when the computer suddenly opens its optical device tray ;)

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