Gnome Screensaver issues?

Diamond Software diamondsw at
Mon Mar 13 07:56:00 GMT 2006

It has been mentioned that gnome-screensaver has a huge number of  
needed architectural improvements, so long-term we definitely should  
move there. It has also been brought up that there is no universal  
method for a program to disable or otherwise control the screensaver.  
Fine. My vote for this is simple - push forward a freedesktop  
standard for screensaver control, and then implement that in gnome- 
screensaver. Doing it the other way around just means everyone has to  
support yet another interim standard.

Meanwhile, what is the near-term downside of delaying gnome- 
screensaver until at least the next release? We have all of these  
arguments piling up, dozens of bugs (if recent posts are accurate)  
with programs, and upstream maintainers that quite simply couldn't  
care less about end users (NOTABUG my ***). Would there be huge harm  
in shipping one more release with xscreensaver, and hopefully sorting  
these problems out properly in the interim?

  - Joshua Ochs

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