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John Augustine jaugustine at
Fri Mar 10 18:40:06 GMT 2006

Matthew East wrote:
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> On Fri, 2006-03-10 at 09:45 -0800, John Augustine wrote:
>> Eric Feliksik wrote:
>>> George Farris wrote:
>>>> The new human theme, other than not working correctly 100% of the time
>>>> such as menus in OpenOffice looks awful orange.  Is there a chance of
>>>> making it just a little more brown?  Other than that it looks pretty
>>>> good, just too much orange.
>>> The title-bar of the windows is a bit too red for me, it's screaming
>>> for attention. I'd say it should either be lighter (orange) or darker
>>> (browner).
>>> The topic bar in yelp is just screaming at me, such a hard tone of
>>> orange is not really subtle.
>>> I like the brown, because it was subtle. I like the light-orange
>>> because it's subtle, but the hard red/orange tones are a bit too much
>>> for me.
>>> Maybe this should be on the sounder-list?
>>> Eric
>> I dont know how you guys got the new theme to turn orange like that...
>> But without messing with it (default Human theme) the new theme looks
>> great IMO.  Prior to this thread, I was using Clearlooks, and switched
>> back to Human to see how bad it looked (:(), but I think I'm going to
>> keep it on Human for now.
> It looks like you haven't dist-upgraded yet. You still have the previous
> theme. Do that, you'll get the orange :)
> Matt
No kidding...

I hate to say, but this is really bad :(

The rounded look and title bar buttons (minimize/maximize) look great,
but the black and red scrollbars.......the super red gnome menu
highlighting.....and the orange orange orange is hurting my eyes.

I had upgraded and gotten the nice new title bar but the colors didn't
change until the reboot.

Don't take offense from this message, it's just my opinion, and my
opinion is most features in the new theme don't correspond with each
other at all.

Definitely keep the new title bar effects :)
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