Run arbitrary commands at boot time?

Carl Karsten carl at
Fri Mar 10 17:44:11 GMT 2006

Carl Karsten wrote: (privatly, because he forgot to hit 'reply all')
>>> What are the chances of having that done as part of the install so that the 
>>> answer is : "/etc/init.d/postboot" not "copy... bla bla bla, no really, it 
>>> is very simple.  just don't forget to run this other script."

Colin Watson wrote:
> It certainly won't ever be something that the installer special-case
> creates; the installer doesn't go around creating non-packaged files in
> the install unless it absolutely has to. If the initscripts maintainer
> wants to put that in their package then that's up to them.
> -- Colin Watson [cjwatson at] 

So someone should figure out how to present this to the initscripts maintainer.

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