Community Council meeting 7 March

Dennis Kaarsemaker dennis at
Fri Mar 10 12:00:00 GMT 2006

Greetings once more!

This week the Community Council discussed IRC operators, new members,
new LoCoteams and the value of Launchpad contributions to membership.

* The #ubuntu operators team has grown once more to make the timezone 
  coverage a little better. This weeks Robert Stoffers and Sarah Hobbs.
  accepted the responsibility and are representing Australia. The 
  council decided not to add ubuntu/member/* to the access list.

* Baishampayan Ghose introduced the Indian team - they do nice work for 
  Ubuntu and Debian in their homeland. Welcome Indian team!

* Hou ZhengPeng intruduced the Chinese ubuntu team - doing great work 
  for Ubuntu in china and for the CJK team. Welcome!

* Benjamin Hill brought the question: Do contributions to launchpad 
  count as contributions to Ubuntu. The answer is still unclear and 
  left as homework for the interested people.

New members:

* Achim Bohnet has been helping the MOTU and Kubuntu team. By routing 
  packages via Debian he also makes sure the Debian <-> Ubuntu delta 
  doesn't grow because of his actions - very laudable. Wecome aboard 

* Dana Olson has been doing great work on the audio side of Ubuntu 
  (ubuntu-studio for instance). He recently started packaging too and 
  he might just make Ubuntu rock in this area. Good work, welcome 

* Szilvester Farkas has been organizing the Hungarian LoCo team and is 
  active within the MOTU and wants to become a MOTU himself soon. Good 
  job Szilvester!

* Herman Bos is an early member of the Dutch LoCo team (around the   
  Warty release) and is contributing a lot to Edubuntu. He's terrible 
  at finding porn though ;) Welcome aboard Herman!

* Baishampayan Ghose not only presented the Indian team but himself 
  too. As active translator and new MOTU hopeful he was dragged onto 
  the Ubuntu ship, welcome!

* Paul O'Malley is supporting and promoting Ubuntu in Ireland and on 
  the Ubuntu IRC channels, most notably a project at a school where 
  eventually the kids found linux cool. Go Paul! 

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