ttf-bpg-georgian-fonts | BPG_Glaho.ttf must be a default font, for GNOME interface in Ubuntu.

Vladimer Sichinava vlsichinava at
Thu Mar 2 15:21:01 GMT 2006

So, ttf-bpg-georgian is the first GPL Georgian (Non Indoeuropean 
Language, with own aplphabet)
fonts pack (ka) provided for GNOME/KDE Desktop environments. (Special 
thank to Matthew Garrett).
Without this pack, there is no native Georgian support for ubuntu.

 There are only 3 fonts: BPG_Chveulebrivi.ttf  BPG_Courier.ttf  

BPG_Glaho.ttf - is most sutable font for Georgian GNOME/KDE, but afret 
installing ttf-bpg-georgian .deb package,
Default font becomes BPG_Chveulebrivi.ttf, which is very ugly ,non 
usable, with huge spaces.
(usable for typing only) and BPG_Courier.ttf  is sutable only for 
gnome-terminal usage.

The unic solution that I know to solve this problem is to rename 
BPG_Glaho.ttf to AAABPG_Glaho.ttf, then do
"fc-cache" so AAABPG_Glaho.ttf becomes important then 
BPG_Chveulebrivi.ttf and becomes default font for interface.

As non programmer I don't know howto solve this problem with other 

- Why this change is so important to You ?

Because BPG_Glaho.ttf, is the unic usable (GPL) font for GNOME 
interface, other fonts ar not usable at all.

Thank You for complaining !

Vladmer Sichinava (Georgian GNOME Team coordinator)

P.S It will be great if Dapper will have georgian support  (at least 
this 2 fonts are enough to support whole GNOME interface and writing adds:
BPG_Courier.ttf  BPG_Glaho.ttf).

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