Gnome Splash Hack

John Augustine jaugustine at
Thu Mar 9 11:18:08 GMT 2006

Francois-Denis Gonthier wrote:
> On Friday 03 March 2006 08:01, John Augustine wrote:
>> It would appear Dapper packages have been hacked.....
>> The last thing Ubuntu needs is for people to install Dapper Flight 4
>> and see something like this.  Whether this is meant to be here or not,
>> the image displays a low level of effort/security in Ubuntu.
>> I suggest this be reverted to the original.
> I have nothing against an hint of humor.  Most people using Dapper will get it 
> anyway.  But the image makes Ubuntu look very unprofessional indeed.
> There must be somebody out here willing to hack an image that will get the 
> point through but won't look like something a 5 y/o with PC PaintBrush could 
> have made....
Its funny how the initial response to this was to "change the image if
you don't like it."  Unfortunately, the 5 y/o who updated this image
failed to leave a suitable image to change it to....only the Gnome
splash image remains, and doesn't really match Ubuntu's theme.

Either use the Gnome splash or, go to
<> and update your splash.  Be sure to make a
backup, so this isn't replaced if the splashes are updated.

Please, forgive me for having an adult sense of humor, and leaving the
childish antics to my children.
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