Freeze? IPW2200

Alejandro Bonilla abonilla at
Wed Mar 8 06:45:26 GMT 2006


	Are we on a package freeze? Intel just released a new version of their
IPW2200 driver which includes a new firmware that should take care of
the firmware restarts and connectivity problem with the Intel
PRO/Wireless 2200BG adapter. The current state of the driver on the
kernel and dapper makes the FW restart every second on RFMON and makes
it unusable. IPW2200 1.1.1 will make it into 2.6.17 I'm sure, but I
doubt we are going to wait until 2.6.17 for Dapper. Still, we have a
package with the driver and we need to include the ipw2200-fw-3.0 into
the main CD's and so on.

	I'm sure we won't have a problem using such version because it is not a
mayor upgrade, but only a really new firmware.


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