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Mon Mar 6 09:29:52 GMT 2006

Le lundi 06 mars 2006 à 16:15 +1100, Yuki Cuss a écrit :
> Xavier Claessens wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm wondering why the postinst script of nvidia-glx doesn't runs
> > "nvidia-glx-config enable" automatically ? I think if someone installs
> > this package he just wants that is cards works without doing anything
> > else...
> >
> > Xavier Claessens.
> >   
> Not necessarily. We could need to look at the package in an installed 
> state for any number of reasons. If anything, sending mail to the local 
> user or presenting some sort of feedback with advice on enabling it is a 
> better option.
>  - Yuki.

Maybe we should have a package nvidia-for-noobs that enables the driver
by default because asking the user the write a command line to simply
activate the driver is definitively NOT Ubuntu-spirit. If someone don't
want the driver enabled he can do "nvidia-glx-config disable" anyway...
but basic users just wants the driver to work, that's all...

Maybe a debconf key set by default to TRUE which ask if we want to
enable the driver can do the trick, experts would disable if they want
and noobs will just accept default setting...

Xavier Claessens.
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