Firefox and the `you have chosen to open ...' dialogue

Alex Mauer hawke at
Fri Mar 3 17:42:43 GMT 2006

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Ian Jackson wrote:
> As part of the DefaultApplicationsFirefox goal for Dapper, I have
> suppressed (in the usual case) the dialogue box you get when (for
> example) clicking on a PDF in firefox.  There has been some queries
> about this and I'd like to deal with them here.

I'd just like to chime in with my experiences on it, where I've had
unexpected behaviour with this:

1. ISO files.  Opens by default with file-roller, when I'd expected and
intended to be able to burn the ISO to a CD (or save it so I could do
the same separately.  Of course I can just file -> save as, or locate
the file in the file system and work with it there.  But see #3 below.

2. PDF files.  Sometimes (often) I want to save them for later
reference, sometimes I want to just read them immediately.  The dialog
box allowed me to decide at the time of opening what to do.

3. The "Downloads" dialog says "All files downloaded to: Desktop"; when
the file is being automatically opened this is misleading, and makes it
harder to find them (nothing really indicates that they're stored in /tmp).

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