Firefox and the `you have chosen to open ...' dialogue

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Fri Mar 3 13:24:07 GMT 2006

Snip dialogue discussion

> Two more cents: the problem with the old dialogue wasn't that it was a
> dialogue, but that in order to select a program to open the file, you
> had to choose the program on the filesystem in order to choose it (i.e.
> navigate to /usr/share/bin or whatever). From a usability perspective,
> the dialogue would be improved several thousand percent if, instead of
> that, it popped up the gnome program selector which you get when trying
> to open a file in gnome.

I agree wholeheartedly - do you think this is a separate thread/argument?
Maybe worth a bug report?

> > I don't have a strong view about this issue and given the level of
> > > pushback I think the right thing to do is some kind of user survey.
> > > Do we have any mechanism for holding a poll of some kind ?
> >
> > The Fridge has a poll taking thing.
> I'd recommend the forum.

Me too

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