Why not a livecd-debian-installer

Ivan Krstic krstic at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Jun 21 10:27:34 BST 2006

Ivan Krstic wrote:
> Ah, okay. That's a valid point. Colin would know specifically what
> session components Ubiquity depends on, but I suspect this can be done
> without too much effort; I'll make sure it gets brought up at one of the
> BoFs in the next few days.

I just talked to Colin, and it turns out there are valid reasons not to
do this. We both think the performance win would likely be quite small,
given the work Tollef is doing on optimizing the Live CD. There's also
the accessibility issue with just launching a fake window manager and
starting Ubiquity; we'd have to run a customized gnome-session to retain
the accessibility features, which would defeat much of any potential
performance gain.

I might toss this together as a proof of concept, but it's not a
particularly promising approach, so I wouldn't expect to see it in Edgy.

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