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Mon Jun 19 14:42:22 BST 2006

To take this on topic... What about including a wealth of CPU
frequency scaling tools in edgy? While on gentoo I enjoyed quite
considerable power over my CPU, ubuntu doesn't give you the same. I'm
thinking mainly for laptops here. Noone wants to be running their
notebook at full power and getting all the heat that comes off it.
Since i've found you can actually run a machine rather well at 300mhz
(powersave governor for cpufrequtils), it might not be a bad idea to
include it.

What would be even better is if the user was allowed to control the
governor etc., albeit in a user friendly way.

On 19/06/06, Matthew Garrett <mjg59 at> wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 19, 2006 at 06:03:09AM +0100, darx wrote:
> > hi.
> > I've searched the forums and visited the irc channel for information about the
> > subject, unfortunately i wasn't able to find any.
> > My laptop fan has a mind of its own and runs at full blast most of the time. My
> > laptop is an acer aspire 1652 wlmi.
> > Please direct me to the relevant documentation so that i can try fixing this.
> > thanks..
> If your fan is running all the time, that means that your BIOS believes
> that your fan should be running all the time. For a number of reasons,
> Linux tends to generate more heat on most hardware than Windows does -
> that will tend to manifest itself as the fan being on more. In some
> cases there are ways that you can override the BIOS, but that's likely
> to lead to your machine running hotter than it was designed to.
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