Public Directories

zcat zcat at
Fri Jun 16 02:20:34 BST 2006

Ryan Dean Bair wrote:
> Wow, certainly didn't expect so much conversation on this!
> There is a big problem that I ran into making the folder simply world 
> read/write. 

This is not a problem that I can see. If the folder is world-write, 
anyone may create a new file in it, they get to choose if the file 
should be read-only or read-write to everyone else. The folder's owner 
can still delete the file even if they can't write to it, because that's 
allowed by having write access to the folder itself.

If the folder is sticky, anyone can create a file, the folder's owner 
automatically owns the files within and gets to decide who has access to 
it after that.

All these permissions can be set, trivially, from the GUI. The current 
options are more than adequate for most users (and probably more than 
windows provides), but perhaps need to be better documented?

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